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Enter FinnBuild Highlights 2024 Contest

The contest is open until 23 Aug 2024.

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FinnBuild Highlights competition seeks FinnBuild’s most interesting products, systems, methods and services, which

  • enhance the sector’s business capacity, quality development and safety or
  • ecological sustainability (low carbon, circular economy, biodiversity) or
  • social responsibility (personnel, social responsibility, end-users of the buildings)

The impartial jury will select 6-8 Highlights for the final, from which the winner will receive a record EUR 15,000 award and the right to use the FinnBuild Highlights logo to market the awarded product.

Representatives of the products selected for the Highlights final are obliged to present the product at their stands throughout the event. In addition, the Highlights will appear on the event’s website and in communications.

Entries for the FinnBuild Highlights contest can be made free of charge by all FinnBuild 2024 exhibitors

The proposal can be a finished product, service or method based on research and development, innovating the field and meeting the application criteria of the competition. Proposals must be received by 22 August 2022. The same company may submit more than one proposal. Calculations, documents or videos can be attached as justifications. The choices emphasise convincingly justified applications and the commercial impact of the products. Representatives selected for Highlights products will be contacted at the end of August.

The proposal can be a commercially significant product, service or method that is already completed or based on research or development. One company can submit many proposals. Please, leave your proposal by 23 Aug 2024. Representatives selected for Highlights products will be contacted during September.

Leave your proposal

Selection criteria

In selecting the Highlights, the jury will pay attention to, among other things:

  • The new application of the construction and building technology sector or the infrastructure sector and community technology, or the innovative combination of new and old knowledge.
  • The practical solutions, advantages and benefits of the proposal to the end user, customer, consumer or society.
  • The actual or potential commercial usability of the proposal, either domestically or internationally.
  • The proven significance of the benefits achieved in euros, the extension of the life cycle of the building, the carbon sink or, for example, the amount of emission reductions.

The jury will select the Highlights from among the proposals made by exhibitors on the basis of its own judgement. The jury is confidential, information about the participating proposals will not be disclosed to anyone other than the jury without permission of the participating party.


The Highlights selections are one of the leading topics of FinnBuild’s media coverage and will be published in early September. FinnBuild Highlights are notably on display at the trade fair stands at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. Pictures and press releases related to the competition are also available on the event website


  • The Highlights finalists will be featured in media communications, and the winner will receive a EUR 15,000 award from The Finnish Fair Foundation.
  • The Highlights competition will highlight interesting products, services and solutions presented at the FinnBuild 2024 event.
  • The Highlights are presented on the event’s website
  • The Highlights exhibitor stands will be marked on the floor plan of the event.
  • The representative of a product or service selected for the Highlights will receive a sign on their stand indicating that they are one of FinnBuild Highlights repertory. The company may communicate this in their marketing before and after the fair.
  • The winner of the competition will receive a programme time of 20 minutes at one of the event stages to present the award-winning product/service.


The application process for the competition will open in May. Proposals must be received by 23 August 2024.

Participants selected for the Highlights final will be contacted at the end of August. The FinnBuild Highlights competition is part of the FinnBuild event. If the date of the event changes, the schedule of the competition will change accordingly. Any changes will be announced separately.


Registration and submission of material takes place at When registering, fill in the electronic form and send all the relevant attachments at the same time. The jury may not evaluate the proposal if the electronic form has not been duly completed. The applicants should also include a proposal for the product’s introductory text on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) and a picture for possible posting with the application.

The jury will only consider proposals submitted within the deadline.

  • In connection with the registration, applicants can submit one (1) attachment, which should contain all material for the jury to base their decision on and one (1) picture attachment for possible social media postings.
  • The attachment can be a picture, text document or a video.
    • The size of the attachment can be max 20 Mb / 2 pcs A4-sized pages of text or a max 2-minute video
  • The attachment should communicate for instance the natural size of the product, essential design and construction issues and the use and purpose of the product. If required, applicant/applicants must be prepared to present their proposal to the jury.
  • Material submitted to the competition will not be returned.

Highlights right of use

The organiser has the right to present the work to the extent described above at the FinnBuild trade fair and in all published information and marketing material.


Further information: Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, Programme Producer Nea Helenius / +358 41 314 8500 /

Registration form and submission of material:


More info

Nea Helenius
Producer | FinnBuild Messukeskus
+358 41 314 8500